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Publication numberUS2627886 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date10 Feb 1953
Filing date21 Nov 1951
Priority date21 Nov 1951
Publication numberUS 2627886 A, US 2627886A, US-A-2627886, US2627886 A, US2627886A
InventorsBarnes Frank A
Original AssigneeBarnes Frank A
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US 2627886 A
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, F. A. BARNES Feb. 10, 1953 WALLET Filed Nov. 21 1951 ---i/ ML a l l INVENTOR Fran/. a rn 65 ATTORNEYS l Patented Feb. l0, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WALLET Frank A. Barnes, Butte, Mont.

Application November 21, 1951, Serial No. 257,490

1 Claim.

This invention relates to billfolds.

An object of this invention is to provide a billfold which may be form-ed out of leather or .other suitable material, the billfold being formed from a single piece or sheet of material.

Another object of this invention is to provide a billfold which is simple in construction and will form a compact relatively thin article in either' the empty ycondition or in the filled Icondition thereof.

A further object of this invention is to provi-de a billfold wherein the use `of stitching is eliminated so that the walls of the billfold will not separate due to breaking or wearing out of the stitching.

A further object of this invention is to provide a billfold which is so constructed `and arranged as to facilitate the insertion of folded bills therein.

With 'the 'above and other objects in view, my invention consists in the arrangement, combination :and detail-s of construction ydisclosed in the drawings and specification, and then more particularly pointed out in the appended lclaim.

In the drawing:

Figure l is a plan View of lthe blank piece of fiexible material out out Ito form a billfold according t-o an embodiment of this invention.

Figure 2 is a 'detailed side elevation of the inner side of the billfold in open position.

Figure 3 i-s `a sectional View taken on the line 3 3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on the l-ine 4-4 of Figure 2, showing the billfol-d in folded or closed position.

Referring to the drawing, the numeral I designates generally -a blank sheet of flexible materi-al such as leather or the like which is formed of a pair of outer panels I I and I2 which are substantially rectangular in plan, and a Edividing or score line I3 is formed between the panels or walls II and I2. A pair of inner panels I4 :and I5 are disposed at the opposite outer edges of the panelsII and I2, and score lines IB land I7 are disposed lat the meeting point between the respective panels II and Ill and I2 and I5. The free edges of the inner panels or walls I4 and I5 are obliquely inclined as indicated at I8 and I9 so that when the panels are folded together along the score lines, there will 'be `disposed a downwardly convergentl space 20 between the inner edges of the panels I4 and I5. Panels II and I2 have extending from the lower ledges thereof triangular tabs 2i vand 22 respectively, 'and panels I4 and I5 have extending from the lower edges thereof triangular tabs 23 :and 24 respectively. Panel I4 is adapted to be folded inwardly in overlapping or confronting position `to panel or wall I I and at the same time tab 23 is folded upwardly along the sc-ore or bend line 25. Tab 2l is also adapted to be folded upwardly along the bend or score line 25, and the two tabs 2I :and 23 fare idisposed in face-.abutting relation and ar-e secured together by means of an adhesive 21. Panel I5 is adapted to be folded inwardly to -overlie panel I2, and at the same time tab 22 is folded upwardly along the fold lin-e or lscore 2B and tab 24 is folded upwardly along the fold or `score line 29. The two tabs 22 and 24 are dis-posed in face-abutting relation and are secured together by means of adhesive 35. The secured together pairs of tabs form triangular partition-s within the billfol-d and about which folded bills may be extended with one .portion of a bill on the outer side of tab 2| 4and the other portion of the folded bill on the outer side of tab 23. The provision of the triangular secured together tabs which form upwardly tapering partitions provides a means for holding the folds of folded bills apart or, if desired,

" certain folded bills may be disposed between tab 2| and wall I I land other folded bills disposed between tab 23 and wall I4. In like manner other folded bills may be disposed in the other compartment formed by the panels I2 fand I5 with the triangular partition which is formed by the secured together tabs 22 and 24. A tab 3l extends from the upper edge of panel II :and has one element 32 of `a snap fastener secured thereto whereas panel I2 fhas another `element 33 of a snap fastener which is to be engaged by fastener element 32.

The billfold herein-fore .described is formed out of a single piece of flexible material such as leather or the like and will form a Very 4compact and thin holder for folded money which can be carried in fa. pocket or purse without bein-g cumbersome or bulky.

What is claimed is:

A billfold comprising a pair of rectangular outer Walls connected together by a longitudinal fold, a pair of inner walls connected integrally Iwith said outer walls by a longitudinal fold, said inner walls lconfronting said outer walls, a triangular tab carried by each outer wall extending upwardly between adjacent inner :and outer walls, a second tri-angular tab of a corresponding size oar- -ried by each inner wall extending upwardly from the lower edge thereof and confronting said first named tab, and adhesive means securing confronting triangular tabs together within the area 3 formed by the folded inner and router Walls to UNITED STATES PATENTS form a pair of compartments between each inner Number Name Date 'Wall and its adjacent outer wall, the 'base of each 2,291,259 Sherwood July 29, 1942 triangular tab being co'extensve with the adja- 2,318,278 Arnold May 4 1943 cent end of its associated Wall, whereby the bot- 5 2,384,199 Sherwood Sept 4 1945 toms of said compartments are completely closed. 2,415,026 Sherwood Feb 18) 1947 FRANK A. BARNES.

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U.S. Classification150/132, 150/143, 229/72
International ClassificationA45C1/00, A45C1/06
Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/06
European ClassificationA45C1/06