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Publication numberUS2619144 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date25 Nov 1952
Filing date23 May 1950
Priority date23 May 1950
Publication numberUS 2619144 A, US 2619144A, US-A-2619144, US2619144 A, US2619144A
InventorsNiswander Willis E
Original AssigneeNiswander Willis E
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Bank aid
US 2619144 A
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Nov. 25, 1952 w. E. NISWANDER BANK AID v 2 SHEETS-SHEET 1 Filed May 25, 1950 FIG. 42 36 l I l l 1 l l l I I INVEN 0 WILLIS E. NISWAMER 1952 w. E. NISWANDER 2,

BANK AID Filed May 25, 1950 w 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 FIG. 3.




3 Claims.

This invention relates to a bank aid and more particularly to a device for containing bank records, checks or the like in a convenient manner for use by the customers and employees of a banking house or the like.

The primary object of the invention, is to render readily accessible to the customers or employees of. a banking house the customers records and to enable the records including unused checks to be easily transported by the customer.

A further object. is to improve the. construction of devices of this character and enable such devices to be easily and cheaply produced.

A further object is to avoid the. necessity of stitching the material of the device together, and hence. reduce. the labor entailed in producing a completed article,

The above and other objects may be attained by employing this invention which embodies among its features an elongated blank of flexible sheet material having scores extending thereacross and defining with certain edges of the blank a pair of juxtaposed intermediate and end panels, each intermediate panel having; a transversely extending slit extending therethrough adjacent each end thereof, a tongue on each end of each end panel and extending outwardly therefrom and a head on the end of each tongue remote from its respective end panel for entrance through a slot in an adjacent intermediate panel to hold the panels folded along, a score line and. form a pocket between said panels.

Other features include an elongated longitudinally extending slit in an end panel which slit terminates in curved extensions to facilitate the entrance of blank checks, orblank sheets of paper beneath the portion of the end panel between the slit and its junction with an adjacent intermediate. panel.

Still other features include. slits in an, end panel into which corners of cards or the like may be introduced to retain the cards in place. in the wallet.

Still further features include slits opening outwardly through the heads on the ends of the tongues. to facilitate thepassage of the heads through the slits in an adjacent intermediate panel.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a blank from which this improved device is constructed;

Figure 2 is a fragmentary view showing the bottom end panel of the blank folded against its adjacent intermediate .panel with one of the tongues of the bottom end panel passing through a slit in an adjacent end panel and the head of said tongue lying in the pocket formed between the end panel and the adjacent intermediate panel;

Figure 3 is a view of the structure illustrated in Figure 2,, from the opposite. side Figure 4 is a transverse sectional view taken substantially along the line 4-4 of Figure 2.;

Figure 5 is a plan view of the exterior of the completed device showing it open;

Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view taken substantially on the line 66' of Figure 5;

Figure '7 is a plan view of the inside of, the com.- pleted device showing the same. in opened'position; and.

Figure 8 is a view similar to. Figure. '7 illustrating slits in the outer panels arranged for holding identification cards, checks, and the like.

Referringto the drawings in detail the blank designated generally I0- and illustrated in detail in Figure 1 comprises an elongated body of flexible sheet material such as leather, imitation leather or the like which is. provided with transversely extending scores l2, l4 and 16 which define With certain. edges. of the blank, l0 intermedi 7 ate panels. l8 and 20: and end panels. 22 and. 24.

Formed adjacent one. endv of the panel [8' is a transversely extending slit. 26 and a similar transversely extending slit 2:8. is formed in the panel I 8 adjacent. the opposite end thereof. A similar transversely extending slit 311 is formed. adjacent one end of the panel 20 and formed in thepanel 20- adjacentits opposite end is a similar transversely extending slit 3.2.

Extending longitudinally from one end of the panel 22' is a tongue 3'4, opposite side edges 36 and 38 of which lie in converging planes, and carried at the outer end of the tongue 34 is a head 4!} having laterally extending ears 4'2 and 44 for a purpose to be more. fully hereinafter described. Entering the outer end of the head is a slit 46 which extends inwardly substantially midway between the oppositely extending ears #2 and 44, and terminates substantially at the outer end of the tongue 34. Formed in the blank 10' at. the junction. of the tongue 34 with its panel 22 is a score '48 along which the tongue is folded when the device is assembled. A tongue 50 corresponding in all respects to the tongue 34 is formed at the end of the panel 22 remote from the tongue 34 and like the tongue 34 has convergent side edges and terminates in a head 52 having a slot 54 opening through its outer edge and terminating in a plane substantially at the outer end of the tongue 50.

Formed at one end of the panel 24 is a tongue 56 which like the tongues previously described has convergent side edges 58 and 60, and carries at its outer end a head 62 which is provided with laterally extending ears 64 and 66 which form at the junction of the tongue 56 and the head a reduced neck 68. Entering the outer end of the head and projecting thereinto to a point coinciding with a plane extending through the neck 68 is a slit which lies substantially midway between the ears 64 and 66. The blank 10 is scored along the line 12 at the junction of the panel 24 with the tongue 56 to facilitate the folding of the tongue relative to the panel. Formed at the end of the panel 24 opposite the tongue 56 is a similar tongue 74 which is provided with a head 16 of a. construction similar to the head 62 and like the head 62 the head 16 is provided midway between opposite sides with a slit [8 which opens outwardly through the outer end of the head as will be readily understood upon reference to the drawings.

With the blank thus prepared, the device is formed as follows. The panel 24 is folded along the score I6 so as to overlie the panel 28 after which the tongue 56 is folded around the end of the panel and the head passed through the slit in the panel 20 so as to lie in the pocket formed between the panels 20 and 24. In passing the head 62 through the slit 30 the adjacent edges of the slit 10 are moved into overlapping relation so as to permit the ears 66 and 64 to pass through the slit 30. It is to be noted that the slit 30 is of a length substantially equal to the width of the neck 68 formed at the junction of the tongue 56 with the head 62 so that when the head is released and lies flat within the Docket formed by the panels 20 and 24, the cars will engage the material of the panel 20 which lies between the ends of the slit and the opposite edges of the panel. By thus inserting the head 16 through the slit 30 into the panel 20, it will be evident that the panel 24 will be held closely against the panel 20 to form a pocket in which papers and the like may be retained.

To complete the opposite side of the device, the panel 22 is folded so as to overlie the panel l8 and the head is passed through the slot 26 in the panel [8 with the tongue 34 overlying said panel as illustrated in Figure 5. Likewise the head 52 is passed through the slot 28 in the panel [8 with the tongue overlying the panel l8 and the head 52 lying in the pocket formed between the panels [8 and 22. In this way a device having two pockets is provided which is joined along the score [4 along which it may be folded for convenient storage in a pocket or purse of the user.

In order to conveniently hold checks or the like for easy access and use, the panel 24 is provided with an elongated longitudinally extending slit having opposite ends curved as at 82 so that the corners of a check or strip of memorandum paper may be inserted inwardly of the slit and into overlying relation with respect to the flap provided by the slit formation, whereby the upper face of the check or strip is exposed and need not be removed for the entry thereon of the required data. A similar slit 84 having curved ends 86 may be provided in the panel 22 as illustrated in Figure '7, or if so desired a panel 22a corresponding to the panel 22 may be provided with groups of slits 88 and 90 for holding identification cards and similar material.

While in the foregoing there has been shown and described the preferred form of this invention, it is to be understood that minor changes in the details of construction, combination and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

I claim:

1. A device for containing bank records, checks or the like comprising a pair of inner juxtaposed elongated rectangular panels of flexible sheet material joined together at their adjacent longitudinal edges to form a unitary structure, a pair of outer panels joined to the outer longitudinal edges of the inner panels, each of the inner panels having a transversely extending slit extending therethrough adjacent each end thereof, a tongue on the ends of the outer several panels, the panels being folded along their adjacent edges so that the outer panels overlie the inner panels and the tongues thereof folded across the ends of the inner panels and entered in the slits therein to form pockets between the panels and a head carried by the free ends of the tongues for passing inwardly through the slits and holding the tongues from accidental extraction from said slits.

2. A device as defined in claim 1, with the said heads having longitudinal slits therein which open through the outer extremities thereof to facilitate the passage of the heads through the transverse slits in the inner panels.

3. A device as defined in claim 1, with one of the said outer panels having an elongated longitudinally extending slit therein parallel to and spaced from its inner edge, the opposite ends of said slit curving away from the adjacent edge of said panel to points substantially in the plane of the longitudinal center of the panel adjacent each end of the panel.


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