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Publication numberDE68924833 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1989624833
Publication date27 Jun 1996
Filing date23 Aug 1989
Priority date21 Nov 1988
Also published asDE68924833D1, EP0370178A2, EP0370178A3, EP0370178B1, US5095420
Publication number1989624833, 89624833, DE 68924833 T2, DE 68924833T2, DE-T2-68924833, DE1989624833, DE68924833 T2, DE68924833T2, DE89624833
InventorsCatherine Krueger Eilert, Donald Henderson Gibson, Kenneth George Rubsam, Casper Anthony Scalzi, Richard John Schmalz, Eugene Stephan Schulze
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Verfahren und Anordnung zur Datenabbildung in einem Datenverarbeitungssystem mit virtuellem Speicher. Method and system for data mapping in a data processing system with virtual memory. translated from German
DE 68924833 T2
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International ClassificationG06F12/10, G06F12/08
Cooperative ClassificationG06F12/109, G06F12/08
European ClassificationG06F12/08, G06F12/10S