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Publication numberDE3852806 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19883852806
Publication date17 Aug 1995
Filing date14 Oct 1988
Priority date19 Oct 1987
Also published asDE3852806D1, EP0312917A2, EP0312917A3, EP0312917B1, US4899334
Publication number19883852806, 883852806, DE 3852806 T2, DE 3852806T2, DE-T2-3852806, DE19883852806, DE3852806 T2, DE3852806T2, DE883852806
InventorsShogo C O Oki Electric Shimizu
ApplicantOki Electric Ind Co Ltd
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Selbstsuchendes mehrstufiges Vermittlungsnetz für schnelles Paketvermittlungssystem. Self-end multi-stage switching network search for fast packet switching system. translated from German
DE 3852806 T2
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE10047646B4 *26 Sep 200021 Jun 2007Lg-Nortel Co. Ltd.Verfahren zum Suchen eines Verbundweges für virtuelle Trägersignale in einem CLOS-Schaltnetzwerk
International ClassificationH04L12/933, H04L12/931, H04L12/935
Cooperative ClassificationH04L49/40, H04L49/3009, H04L49/3018, H04L49/1507
European ClassificationH04L49/15A